Spotify API

This page describes the process to setup the Spotify API source wich enables you to connect the Spotify Desktop App or the Mobile app to the extension

Creating your application on Spotify developers and getting your client ID and secret

The application is the user used by the extension to communicate with Spotify

Creating your application

First, head to and log in with your Spotify account, then access the dashboard and create an app

Name it and set the Redirect URI to the one displayed in the extension, you must also check the Web API option.

Getting the client ID and secret

After creating an app, open its settings and copy/paste the ID and secret, make sure to save afterward.

Linking your account to the extension

Once you have filled in the app's secret and ID, the Log-in button should be available, press it to start the linking process.

After landing on the page above, you can close it and should see appear in the popup the Spotify API option

Select it and press start to listen to your Spotify desktop app/mobile app

The client ID and secret are stored locally meaning no one else can access your Spotify account's data.

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