Security and confidentiality

Extension permissions

The extension requires two permissions automatically granted when you install the extension:

Host permissions on supported websites

This permission lets the extension add a piece of code to these websites, this piece of code is responsible for collecting information such as the Title, Chapter, Time, URL, Cover, ...

Tabs permission

This permission lets the extension fetch data about the currently open tabs on your browser, this information is not stored and does not persist.

The extension needs this information to display the listener menu

In Chrome the Tabs permission is listed as "Read your browsing history" as it could be used to collect browsing history by recording what tabs are opened on which websites.


To get useful data about which features are used, I am collecting data on:

  • What website you are using when using the overlay

  • What overlay style you are using

  • If you are using the "Use cover as content background" feature

This data is anonymized and cannot be used to identify anyone, furthermore, this data is not sold to any third party.

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